Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas Day

We got together at the Alexander's Christmas day. These pictures are not in order.
Lila and DarienThe kids all got gifts from grandma
We played games. This is the peon hat for the Great Del Moody game. I'm sure that is not spelled right.
We gather together and Dad or "grandpa" reads the christmas story from the bible.
Back to dinner. Our family is getting too big. there were kids in the family room and on tv trays on the couch.
The girls ate at the counter, nad a couple ate at the table.
Stephen, Jon, Jenn, Lori, Stacy
and Robert.
Earlier in the day we went to grandma Larsen's home. We played games with grandma. We love to visit grandma.
The kids had a blast with the marble game. This is the same game I played with when I was little. My grandpa made it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Calendar

I made these birthday calendars for my parents and parents-in-law for christmas.
Each person has their own page.
It was a fun project. The hardest part was finding pictures of everyone.

Pirate Island

Anyone want a fun place to take their family out to dinner? We went to Pirate Island over the christmas break. My brother recently got a job there. It was a lot of fun. The decor was awesome and there were some really fun photo spots. There is an arcade, a play area, and the whole restraunt looks like a pirate cave.There was a functional organ in the room we ate in. It looked like it came right off a pirate ship.
The kids had fun playing the games and playing with cousins.
Aaron and Kiersten posed in front of a treasure chest. Kiersten loved the pink diamond.
Faith counting the coins.
Robert and Jenn. Rob was our server.
Katrina loved this ride.
Besides my own family, my parents, grandma, my sister and her family and some of my cousins were there.
Kiersten loved the Zebra.
This tree was near the entrance. Here are my 4 girls and their cousin Lila.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I took the kids over to the Jr high to go sledding. The snow was wet and slushy. The kids got wet fast. They loved sliding down the hill and playing in the snow.
Katrina got cold, and did not want to keep gloves on. She walked through a puddle of cold water a few times and we had to take off her shoes and put gloves on her feet. She soaked those too.

Hot chocolate is a must when we go sledding.
John and Logan building in the snow.
Faith dug out a small cave. Lila liked walking through the puddles.
Jenn sledding down the hill.

Kiersten went down several times. She loved it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter break fun

We went to Chuck E Cheese while the boys were in piano lessons. Logan and Aaron playing a violent game, at least they are shooting bugs.
Katrina loved riding the rides.
Audrey and Lila have fun together.
Earlier in the day we played in the snow with Jenn and the kids.
Jenn helped the kids build a snowman.
Katrina wanted to "slide".